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RTA 2013 accepted papers

Beniamino Accattoli.
Linear logic and strong normalization

Martin Avanzini and Georg Moser.
A Combination Framework for Complexity

Martin Avanzini and Georg Moser.
Tyrolean Complexity Tool: Features and Usage

Kyungmin Bae, Santiago Escobar and Jose Meseguer.
Abstract Logical Model Checking of Infinite-State Systems Using Narrowing

Alexander Bau, Markus Lohrey, Eric Noeth and Johannes Waldmann.
Compression of Rewriting Systems for Termination Analysis

Alexander Baumgartner, Temur Kutsia, Jordi Levy and Mateu Villaret.
A Variant of Higher-Order Anti-Unification

Yohan Boichut, Chabin Jacques and Pierre Rety.
Over-approximating Descendants by Synchronized Tree Languages

Christophe François Olivier Calvès.
Unifying Nominal Unification

Anupam Das.
Rewriting with linear inferences in propositional logic

Bertram Felgenhauer and Vincent van Oostrom.
Proof Orders for Decreasing Diagrams

Ken-Etsu Fujita and Aleksy Schubert.
Decidable structures between Church-style and Curry-style

Clemens Grabmayer and Jan Rochel.
Expressibility in the Lambda Calculus with Mu

Yves Guiraud, Philippe Malbos and Samuel Mimram.
A Homotopical Completion Procedure with Applications to Coherence of Monoids

Manfred Schmidt-Schauß, Elena Machkasova and David Sabel.
Extending Abramsky's Lazy Lambda Calculus: (Non)-Conservativity of Embeddings

Manfred Schmidt-Schauß, Conrad Rau and David Sabel.
Algorithms for Alpha-Equivalence and Complexity

Gert Smolka and Tobias Tebbi.
Unification Modulo Nonnested Recursion Schemes via Anchored Semi-Unification

Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann.
Formalizing Knuth-Bendix Orders and Knuth-Bendix Completion

Elena Tushkanova, Christophe Ringeissen, Alain Giorgetti and Olga Kouchnarenko.
Automatic Decidability: A Schematic Calculus for Theories with Counting Operators

Sarah Winkler and Aart Middeldorp.
Normalized Completion Revisited

Sarah Winkler, Harald Zankl and Aart Middeldorp.
Beyond Peano Arithmetic – Automatically Proving Termination of the Goodstein Sequence

Harald Zankl.
Confluence by Decreasing Diagrams – Formalized

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